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Hardly to believe the week is already around again and again the Sunday is there. Meanwhile you know what that means, time for the lifestyle Sunday. This is the second issue in September, but do not worry two more follow this month. Furthermore there are still interesting contributions in the next week, among others from the IAA. Man (n) may be strained!

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Use Smart Ring to Control Home

In 2013 1 company called Logbar began to develop a smart ring that might be able to control a series of everyday activities, such as lights and appliances, and to perform more complex functions involving payments. Recently the company has created a Kickstarter campaign to take the final step towards the marketing of the product and, having gotten the money necessary, prepares to enter the market.

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Moto 360 Smartwatch

Motorola’s Moto 360 was all the way around, but since then absolutely nothing has been done, even the guys from TheVerge could get nothing more than Blabla from the manufacturer, but unfortunately no moving pictures from the Smartwatch of the year.

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Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neon Smartwatches

The usual thing is that Samsung introduced us to its star products in spectacular presentations, but this time has decided to share the announcement of their new smart watches more moderately. Continue reading

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Moto 360 Smartwatch from Motorola

We are still waiting to hear about the rest of the features of Moto 360 , the highly anticipated smartwatch with Android Wear. Continue reading

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CCTV Camera Lenses

One of the aspects to take into account for the installation of a security camera system is the type of lenses that will have chosen CCTV cameras, if of course that has been that the technology that has decided to equip its security system. Continue reading

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Few Secrets Left That Show of BlackBerry Priv, Your Last Opportunity in The Market

The latest venture of BlackBerry to survive in this mobile – talk about sell phones – it has to do with Android and is called Priv. What began as an open secret, is already a reality displayed on occasion by the CEO of the company. Today we have more information and new images on the product. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Oslo Exists and Looks So Good

On the existence of a BlackBerry Oslo I have already spoken a few weeks ago, but until today we had not had photos that meet conditions to the terminal. It’s a new high-end model, that could well replace a Passport.

BlackBerry is not very prolific in completing them lately, although it has not been a company have a very extensive catalog, now more that you never have to measure their steps either before the little acceptance that are having. Glad to see that there is life, and we also like the optimism of its CEO, but it is also the location for parties. Continue reading

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It’s The Blackberry Android Is Serious, and Here We Have Another Proof of Its Existence

He has spent several months playing, but in recent weeks it has gained strength and vigour after a major leak last week. BlackBerry Venice, the Blackberry Android, It seems to be a real product and that will end up hitting the market soon.

By now no specific or official date, but with much information and speculation about it. First, a new image you have here above and that it matches as catches that we saw last week, and also showing the keyboard as some common details into Android, both the menu button. Continue reading

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John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, Is Pronounced: Blackberry Do Not Compete in Number of Apps

In an interview that in Re/Code, John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, talk long and hard about the State of the current company, the market and your competition. And a great holder: BlackBerry cannot compete with Google Play or iTunes Store.

So says the own Chen in the interview, stating simply devices Blackberry do not have enough apps to cope with other platforms that already have more than a million and a half of apps, while BlackBerry is around half a million, counting the native BB along with the around 400,000 available through Amazon App Store. Despite this, the differences are extremely spacious. Continue reading

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Blackberry Already Know That If They Do Not Sell Phones, Touch Change Strategy

In the end money rules, and if the account team expectations are not met there to change. BlackBerry It takes a while stumbling, trying different things in the market and still does not give the exact key that take them to recover the position they had years ago, when this smart phone began to Jell in the market. Continue reading

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Dallas Might Be The Next Blackberry, and Has Already Gone through The FCC

All electronic devices must undergo certification agencies finally hitting the market. And, in some cases, the information is filtered prior to the launch, as it has been demonstrated on many occasions. The latter case is the of the BlackBerry ‘dalla’, What could be the next Blackberry phone. Continue reading

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‘Prague’, The New Blackberry That Is Speculated Will Arrive in August… and with Android

There is no definitive data, the contrary many rumours about the launch of an Android for Blackberry phone. It reached to confirm Reuters though the company denies it, although it is true that the rumors continue fuelling with force.

The latter brings a name: BlackBerry ‘Prague’ is the code name of the Android phone the Canadian company, which already has him ready to be presented in the month of August This year. However, it will not be a phone such and as many are wishing it see it: will not be a high range, but on the contrary. Continue reading

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Rise Again with a Phone Blackberry Android?

This afternoon the bomb that many have been waiting for for time has been leaked: Blackberry Venice image by running Android. Months and months of rumors it seems they narrowed his final, and that the project proceeds. BlackBerry Android, Finally.

Present a hope that has always been there and that the Canadian company tempted with support for Android apps and the possibility of installing .apk in BB 10. Now the bet seems to be complete, with a full Android phone signed by Blackberry. Is this what you need the company to return to life and success? Can Blackberry revived thanks to a new Android phone? Continue reading

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Jim Balsillie: in BlackBerry Weren’t Prepared to Compete with The IPhone

The history of BlackBerry is something that I have had the opportunity to follow and study in detail, and not afraid to be wrong, I can say that they were not quick to combat with iPhone and everything that came before. Now one of its historical leaders, Jim Balsillie, He opens his mouth to tighten the screw more: BlackBerry was not prepared. Continue reading

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John Chen Is Sure That BlackBerry Will Be Profitable Selling Phones

While the market shares of BlackBerry they tend to zero, even in markets that historically have done very well, John Chen, still thinking that you can be profitable selling phones. The CEO believes that we must learn to understand his new role in the industry.

In results made public, you could see that BlackBerry sold 1.6 million phones in one quarter. I do not kill compare with Apple, I do it as the extreme case, with 61.2 million telephones in the same period. Continue reading

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