ZTE Blade S6 in the Test

For the manufacturer ZTE, the blade S6 is a “premium-Smartphone”. The test shows whether the 250-euro-phone can be the claim.

  1. ZTE blade S6 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The body of the blade S6 consists of a single plastic shell, its open side is closed by the display. This unibody construction provides excellent stability and robustness. In addition, that the blade S6 in the hand is located, because the edges have a round grinding and is a smooth transition to the rear. Especially chic: In the home button below the screen is embedded a circular notification LED that gently pulses in a futuristic blue, when there is news. Continue reading

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Our Site Cloud Drive in the Test

Our site spoils good customers with space without end in the our site Cloud. Their main task: Provide acquired media content at our site. Otherwise, photos in focus are available.

She has almost every our site account holder, not everyone knows it: that at the logon menu of the hidden music and video libraries of the our site Cloud Web site hold the songs purchased from Our site and movies. Without own provides the online retailer – if legally possible – all there purchased audio CDs in MP3 format to stream or download from the cloud ready. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 in the Test

With the Samsung Galaxy XCover 3, the Koreans already release the third generation of outdoortauglichen phones on the mobile radio community. The test shows what this time managed the pioneer in the segment of robust smartphones.

  1. Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

You can see the Galaxy Xcover 3 its determination test at first glance. The corner parts reinforced with sturdy plastic housing, the ribbed and therefore non-slip back as well as the Android buttons running as Hardkeys on the front speak a clear language. Continue reading

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Online Storage Service Box in the Test

In the free version, the online storage service acts somewhat unspectacular box. While he has the touch of special: goods made apps for iOS, Android and co. facilitate the mobile use of the cloud.

A first and foremost: Web applications for E-mail, addresses and appointments are missing in box. And also the automatically generated media libraries a la iCloud Apple or Amazon Cloud Drive remain sidelined. Who signs up for the free personal-free version, gets respectable 10 GB online storage for the Web-based data storage, Windows PCs, Macs and all kinds of mobile devices can access the. Even Windows phone and BlackBerry users will be granted access. Continue reading

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Geneva AeroSphere S in the Test

The AeroSphere S of Geneva can be mono, stereo and use in multi-room operation. In addition to the elegant design, especially the sound open spatial convinced free installation of the stereo set.

For our test, we have chosen the model S from the AeroSphere series of Geneva: two copies, which can in stereo mode. It works with the Geneva AeroSphere app via AirPlay from iTunes music content or – in conjunction with the available as extra base – also from the fact sources CD, DAB + / FM or aux-in integrated. DLNA server from home network music access is also possible via Wi-FI. Regardless of Wi-FI/AirPlay also only a can be controlled via Bluetooth radio. It is transmitted to apt X-encoding. Continue reading

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Microsoft OneDrive in the Test

The American Software Group Microsoft offers for OneDrive lush free cloud storage and integrated online versions of the widely used programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. We have the test.

In the test we use Microsoft OneDrive: Americans would of course also that their Windows and Office clientele hordes on the data cloud flies. As an incentive, there is 15 GB free. Who automatically uploads his photos or videos, receives lookup again 15 GB. Continue reading

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Telecom Media Center in the Test

We have the Media Center Telecom cloud service in the test. The apps are quickly beginner friendly and files. But a few things that bother us.

In the test the Telecom Media Center revealed the clear division of responsibilities in the magenta cloud: the email Center keeps post, dates and addresses. The second key component of Telecom cloud stores photos, videos, music and more on the Internet. An E-Mail address with T-online extension opens the way to the 25 GB large online storage. Continue reading

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Our Site Online Memory Test

We have cloud storage by Web.de in the test. We tell you what the our site scores online storage, and where there is a need to catch up.

Our site online memory test: you are looking for a feature set allowing out here in vain. This online store is focused on what the name promises. And he also shares good – especially about iPhone and co. Who want to access the maximum quota of free memory needs a free mailbox and have the desktop application for your Windows PC, as well as the app for iPhone, iPad, or Android install. Continue reading

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Vodafone Cloud in the Test

The mobile phone provider offers only its customers free online storage. The multimedia cloud on elegant way photos trying to arrange videos and music. Parts but is not their strength.

Broken, Smartphone data away? No. With its Web-based backup approach Vodafone customers with mobile runtime contract or Callya prepaid rates save annoying loss of data. Clever: Each integrated mobile device receives its own directory, run in which his uploads. The intelligent storage service automatically divides the total dataset in the categories pictures, videos, music and documents. The absence of a full file management can be acceptable, especially since there are also playlists for music playback in addition to photo albums. With keywords, called tags, annotated files, the search function can filter out. Continue reading

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Fantastical 2 Test

Input natural language, today-widget and a task management: Fantastical 2 is the calendar powerhouse for iOS. We have the test.

We have fantastical 2 test: every Mac user stumbles sooner or later about this app – on the Mac the story of fantastical has some time ago as an alternative to the still always somewhat unjustly treated calendar program in OS X (formerly: iCal) started. The highlights were always enter dates with natural language and the exceptionally good design – it is no coincidence that “Fantastical 2” for the Mac has just won the “Apple Design Award”. Continue reading

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Heco Ascada 2.0 Test

The Ascada 2.0 from Heco is more than just a wireless speaker Kit. Use as a full-fledged plant is made possible thanks to a series of inputs.

Wireless Ascada 2.0 receives the music via Bluetooth, here, the inserted aptX encoding ensures improved sound quality. In addition to the AUX input, there is an optical and one coaxial digital input. Continue reading

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Kyocera Torque (KC-S701) in the Test

The Kyocera torque competes as a super rugged Android Smartphone. It delighted in the test with clever outdoor features and powerful Smartphone features.

The Japanese manufacturer Kyocera is well known in this country primarily for printer, but now also the outdoor Smartphone torque KC S701 is in Germany (EIA 449 euros) available. Not just a little for a newcomer – let’s see whether he is worth his money. Continue reading

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Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon in the Test

Much mass that moves not: still a secret of success for turntables. And who thought Pro-Ject rather represent the opposite opinion, which was wrong. We have the new turntable, Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon in the test.

Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon

Easy and almost indestructible. Therefore, carbon is already characterized, if one does not know the new Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon. As the successor of the RPm 9.2 evolution, he added more sheer mass to the lightweight fabric. And thus develops a high mass concentration in the smallest space. Already the chassis is only as big as a platter, round and just outstanding “balcony” – the mounting surface for the tone arm. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 LTE Test

Sensational endurance, Microsoft apps and a format that will be familiar to iPad users: The Samsung Galaxy tab A 9.7 LTE test much really and costs while not much.

The question not only the user to the correct tablet format, also manufacturers try out something new. Samsung showed up here already experiment and touch Pro on unusual 12 inch ventured out with the Galaxy. For some, the part is an exotic, while others hope that Apple will follow with an iPad of this size. Continue reading

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AudioPro AddOn T20 in the Test

AudioPro elicits a balanced sound with tight bass, warm ups and high volume of the slender columns of the active stereo pair.

Since 1978, AudioPro developed intelligent active loudspeakers, connected with the aim to elicit a strong bass rendition as small enclosures. Also AddOn T20, a pair of very slim Floorstander in column format, available in fine Matt finish in white or black is aimed in this direction. Continue reading

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Vodafone Smart Prime 6 in the Test

Vodafone smartphones offer good services at a low price? However. The new smart Prime 6 connect test is the best proof.

Vodafone brings in Nice regularity of smartphones and even tablets under its own flag on the market. And the phones of carrier quite convincing as the smart 4 Max. Now the next candidate in the wings is the smart Prime 6 that there is with Vodafone for 149 euros. We looked at once more this cheap Smartphone. Continue reading

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