Huawei Ascend Mate: Practice Test of the Giant Chinese

With 5.5 inch display size was previously the largest smartphone the Samsung Galaxy touch 2. However, since the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas, there is a new leader: the Huawei Ascend Mate. COMPUTER was image already during the presentation live on the spot. Now there are the first impressions of the test device.

Design and housing

Light fluffed-up reverse, titanfarbener plastic frame, a rubberized back paired with an impeccable processing that Ascend Mate is not cheap. On the right you will find the lock switch and a volume rocker. At the top of the headset receives his music and at the bottom of the Smartphone its charging current. Because the battery is firmly installed, there are two keys. Upper-left hides the SIM card, the microSD card disappears behind the side cover. As a small, but fine addition hiding a status-LED behind the earpiece grille. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S4: Correctly Save with Fare from the Discount Store

That Deutsche Telekom offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 together with the tariff special complete mobile XL’s. For the hardware and the contract you would pay 1,933 euro over the fixed term of two years. It calculated the independent consumer portal Verivox. Who strikes at Vodafone and the device together with the flat rate of the AllNet red M Bay, still 1.522 euros. O2 and base (E-Plus), it is only marginally cheaper with 1,315 or 1,369 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S4 starting from 622 euro

PICTURE advise Verivox and COMPUTER separately to order you therefore, Galaxy S4 and tariff. According to Preissuchmaschine get the Smartphone in many online shops 622 euros. At Amazon, it is to have for 649 euros. Continue reading

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Practical test: Our site Go 400, 500, 600 and 6000

2013 car navigation systems from Our site
The our site go live 1015 is already more than a year on the market and some hard-boiled our site fan was not happy about battery breakdowns and failures of the Live Jam detector. In Amsterdam, Dutch GPS maker has unveiled four new devices. Make Our site now it all right?

Lifetime updates and storage warning via the Internet

All new Our site Go offer lifetime map updates for Europe (45 countries) and live traffic information via the mobile phone network (HD-traffic). The models from the hundreds-series (go 400, go 500 and go 600) must be coupled to the receiver via Bluetooth with a Smartphone. In the first test, this was no problem for an iPhone 4s, as well as an HTC one X. In the short test, only data sets in the kilobyte range were incurred for the jams. No data flat for the Smartphone, you should pair the go but not with the Navi. Probably due to the high roaming costs abroad, Our site also grabs a TMC traffic jam Warner but only for the German and U.S. market. Continue reading

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Google Nexus 4: New Version with LTE and 32 Gigabytes of Memory?

The blog Sidhtech reported that Google Developers Conference probably introduces a new version of the nexus 4 I/O in May. The space should have doubled to 32 gigabytes; as mobile communications standard, LTE should be used. Critics were often troubled by the low memory, as well as the missing LTE. The latter caused mainly in the United States for displeasure.

Nexus 4 running Android 5.0

CNet reported that the revised nexus 4 already with key lime pie as the name of the fifth version of Android to be equipped. However, new rumors have doubts whether Google actually introduces the new operating system on the I/O. In addition is a new coat of paint in the conversation: the unit shall be in addition to the usual black in white available. Continue reading

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Foxconn Denies the Return of Millions of iPhones

ZDNet had recently business news appealed to the Chinese website of China reported about the faulty iPhones. According to the Chinese article is five to eight million faulty Smartphones that went back mid March to the manufacturer. Apple has therefore returned the phones because of problems with the appearance and the functionality. ZDNet writes further that it was not the first time, that Foxconn would have problems in complying with the quality standards. The fast growth and the expansion of the manufacture its for the production difficulties responsible as a source from company circles stated.
iPhone 5: All Info and Pictures

Denial by Foxconn

Continue reading

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Nokia ASHA 210: Dual SIM Phone with (US) WhatsApp-Flat Rate

Nokia has unveiled a new mobile phone. For the ASHA 210 companies with a mysterious announcement aroused already the curiosity of the followers of the company blogs a few days before publication. Perhaps a new model of Lumia, many expected a new smartphone with hardware keyboard? On 24 April, the Finnish company was finally not a Smartphone, but a cheap Toch phone with advanced Internet features and dual-SIM capacity: the ASHA 210.

Facilities of the ASHA 210

The ASHA 210 comes in three bright colors with a QWERTY hardware keyboard and a touch screen, that is 2.4 inches tall and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The peculiarity of the cheap phones is that users between two variants to choose: the single – and dual-SIM model. The latter version has space for two SIM cards. The ASHA has a rear two megapixel camera, that offers a fun feature for Selbstportäits: In the corresponding mode an automatic gives you agreed statements, Central as you place your head in the picture. Continue reading

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Exclusive: Allnet Flat with Nokia Lumia 620 for Effectively 22.82 Euros a Month!

Our site users pay for the fare and the Smartphone over two years on average monthly only 22.82 euros savings in comparison to the normal offer: whopping 170 euro! How comes this cheap offer? As a new customer for once receive a credit of 50 euros to the price of the AllNet flat and pay for the tariff only 17.82 euros a month. And: the Nokia Lumia 620 gibts for five euros (instead of the usual ten euro) each month to pay off over 24 months. A surf flat with 500 megabyte surf volume in HSDPA speed (up to 7.2 megabits per second) is also, with the exclusive tariff package of you call free to landlines and mobile networks. Secure computer image now with the promo code the exclusive special offer! Continue reading

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Archos: Three New Dual SIM Smartphone at a Low Price


In a press release the French company presents the Smartphones 35 carbon, 50 Platinum and 53 Platinum. Despite different features, the devices offer also some commonalities. So ARCHOS not for all phones, to create your own interface using the Android operating system. So, users get prompt on the device updates of the software. In addition, all three Smartphones have each two SIM card slots. So are two numbers at the same time on a device accessible.

Dual-SIM Overview: 40 smart phones with two SIM-cards Continue reading

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Code Name Roma: Speculation about New Samsung Tablet

Nexus 10 Samsung builds a tablet of top for Google, which is much better equipped than its own ten inch model Galaxy tab 2 10.1. believed the information that spread the Greek website, Koreans are working on an improved version of the nexus of 10 under the code names of Roma who market them in their Galaxy series. Improvements include a LTE modem as well as a slot for microSD cards up to a capacity of 128 gigabytes. In addition, the new Tablet is a little lighter and thinner.
Nexus 10 test

Nexus 10 in the Galaxy series

The other facilities of the Roma is the same as the nexus of 10. The 10.1-inch touchscreen surpasses the retina display of the iPad with its 2560 x 1600 pixels. For a fast running Android 4.2 jelly bean are clocked at 1.7 gigahertz dual-core processor of Exynos 5, two gigabytes of memory and the graphics chip Mali T604 responsible. Photos with a resolution of 5 megapixels provides the camera on the back and the 1.9 megapixel camera on the front is for video chats think. Continue reading

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Review: Medion Akoya P6640 (MD99220)


Instead the Medion Akoya P6640 (MD99220) shows only 1366 x 768 pixel chic full-HD display, the screen is completely coated. So it is perfect for working with texts and tables photos or videos are more fun on a full HD monitor. The Akoya shows very contrasty images, colors remain but pale.


The Akoya tasks that properly require the core i3 processor cuts a good figure: it worked really fast faster than the most Ultrabooks HD videos. Because the relatively high clock speed of 2.5 gigahertz and eight gigabytes of memory make noticeable. The most Ultrabooks bring it only to 1.8 gigahertz. Even at full load, the fan with maximum 0.8 sone remains pleasing soft. Continue reading

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Motorcycle-Navi: Test by Rugged Pilots

Video: Garmin Zumo 660LM

The 660LM Garmin Zumo is a motorcycle-Navi classic. See what makes the device and how it is to use, in the video. Test: motorcycle GPS Garmin Zumo 660LM motorcycle-Navi: the journey is the reward


A navigation system is very convenient for motorists, for motorcycle riders, it is a se¬Gen. Because bikers drive usually does not have the shortest, but about the best route to the destination. It is usually longer, but curvy and requires regular views of the map. Logically, that it is significantly more relaxed drives a Navi button on the handlebar. However, only a few manufacturers of motorcycle navigation systems offer. You will also learn if it does not also a Smartphone or Autonavi on the motorcycle. Continue reading

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Review: Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.2

Revised nexus 7

Now, there are three versions: the 16-GB model remains, but 50 euros less than at the start. The 8 GB model took Google from the range. The two versions with 32 gigabytes (GB) are new large store. One offers Wi-Fi mobile phone via UMTS. Price (MSRP): Nexus 7 16 GB $199, nexus 7 32 GB 249 euro, nexus 7 32 GB 3 G $299. The operating system also got an update. With Android 4.2, Google bought the nexus 7 including a multi-Nutzerkontenverwaltung. On the home screen, just select the user. Handy for families, because everyone can use his apps. There is gesture typing. Thus, you can tap wiper movement without stopping between the letters.

Video: Google Nexus 7


The Google/nexus 7 is a seven inch Tablet IPS display with 1280 x 800 pixels. Thanks to the high pixel density of 216 ppi, image content appear razor sharp even with side viewing on the Tablet PC. Aboard is NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip (maximum clock frequency in single core mode: 1.4 gigahertz), which offers four computing cores and 12 graphic units. The nexus 7 is good to gambling: Google showed at the keynote of Google I/o Developers Conference 2012 graphically complex games smoothly. In the test, the nexus delivered 7 very tidy with programs like Geekbench values. In practice, games and application started very quickly. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0: Test the Seven-Inch Version

Galaxy tab 2 in two sizes

In addition to the tested seven-inch model of the Galaxy tab 2, there is also a 10.1-inch version. Both devices have a one gigahertz is fast dual-core processor, a gigabyte memory to the page. Samsung sold the Galaxy tab 2 in variants with 8, 16 or 32 gigabytes of internal memory, while the eight-gigabyte only for the seven-inch model is available. The microSD card slot allows the expansion of the storage to up to 32 gigabytes.


The larger 10.1-inch version of 1280 x 800 pixels has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels the seven-inch touchscreen of the Galaxy tab 2,. The non anti-glare display shows content in detail, but something dark. It is not scratch-resistant housing, however. The customized Android is easy to use, the screen responds quickly and accurately to input and thus prima is suitable for work or play. Continue reading

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Bad news: Android Malware Infected Millions of Smartphones

Million downloads

Security software provider lookout reports on his blog, to have found lots of malware in Google’s play store: 32 applications by four developers accounts were affected by the new family of malware, called the lookout BadNews. These are bad news for the two to nine million users who downloaded the infected programs play-store according to statistics. Google took the lookout reported apps from the online store. Acute danger so not more.

Free Security Apps for Android

So the malware on the phone comes

Because Google strictly controlled the apps play store and checked whether they contain malicious code, the developer of BadNews chose a different path: the malware on the phones of unsuspecting users to funnel, they have a a fake advertising network created , about the malicious software afterwards on the device ends up. Continue reading

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iPhone 5: Test the Apple Smartphone

Not only the iPhone itself, also the lines before the Apple stores were longer than ever before. This is the measuring apparatus in the laboratory but out of synch. And Lo and behold: in all areas of the iPhone 5 is not superior to the iPhone 4S. Not is Apple’s Smartphone the best iPhone number 5 at the end?


Apple iPhone 5S in the test

Apple iPhone 5C in the test

Comparison: How does iPhone 5 against Galaxy S4 & co. is that?

Black model with coating problem

The iPhone 5 is still better in the hand than the 4S. With 112 grams, it is noticeably lighter and slightly thinner than the 4S (140 grams). Thanks to aluminum back, the iPhone 5 feels is different, but remains a high quality voluptuous. However, the test showed that when the black model already after a short time, such as storing in tight pants pockets with change can loosen the upper aluminum layer on the housing edges. That was reproduced on several black models and eventually led to a devaluation to 0.1. In the white version, the signs of wear not as fall.

Continue reading

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Giga Flat-Rate: XL Units for SMS, Calls and Surfing Including Top Cell Phone

Great mobile, super price: our site and Simyo have put together an exclusive package for you. You get for only 16,90 euros per month (24 months) a telephone, Internet and SMS-flat and the Samsung Galaxy S4, which occupies a leading position in the COMPUTER screen leaderboard. Pay as much in other tariffs already without extra cell phone! Send unlimited SMS messages every month with the PeopleSoft XL flat in the E-plus network or make calls: as long as you remain less than 400 units (minutes and SMS), you pay nothing extra.

Six months for free until 30 June 2014 to get PeopleSoft XL tariff! Continue reading

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