Google Tails in on Apple as the World’s Largest Fire

Forbes most recent inventory of the world’s most valuable brands, will announce the Apple as ready forms-but Google tails rapidly into.

Apple recently company disappointed, but that does not alter the fact that the company is in a League of its own when it comes to brand value.

In the Forbes annual statement is Apple continuing to find as clear world dishes, with a brand value of 154 billion dollars, equivalent to just over a billion Danish kroner. The wild amounts correspond to the two other podium places, Google and Microsoft, put together. Continue reading

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How Will Android-Apps Work on Chromebooks

Google’s operating system for laptops and desktops get many new opportunities with the integration of Google’s Play Big. Watch them unfold here.

A little app will soon open a huge universe of possibilities on Google’s platform for mobile: Google’s Play store.

This follows the whole Android-universe millions of apps, which multiplies the possibilities for laptops based on the simple and secure ChromeOS.

Installation and dismantling of games and apps work as in Android, with full support for both features and notifications. Certain features require, however, that your chrome device has a touch screen.

Continue reading

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Sony Xperia X: Subtle Progress [TEST]

With Xperia X introduces Sony a new stripe of flagship phones. Here, the focus is now on design, simplicity and user experience.

Sony was the last among the established cell manufacturers, with a new flagship for 2016. But there is a good reason behind the delay. Sony starts for all over again this year, with a whole new series of mobile phones to reign at the top of its phone line-up.

Xperia X series replacement now Xperia Z series and rates this time on smartphones all of which varies over the same theme: the best possible mobile experience.

The starting point in the X-series is a five inch large display. According to Sony’s own user-studies are five inch Goldilocks-size, not too big nor too small. Just right.

Today’s test subject, Xperia X, is also a happy medium, the printed by itself the output between the affordable Xperia XA and the muscle bulging Xperia X Performance. But is it still a topmobil? investigates the matter. Continue reading

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Overview: New Opportunities from Telenor, Asus and Oneplus, Huawei P9 Lite for Testing

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Telenor, Asus and Oneplus embarks on summer with new offers this week. Telenor has a new subscription ready, while both Asus and OnePlus launches new portable products this month. Read more below.

Telenor launches Roam Away and upgrade all subscriptions
Telenor launches a brand new and cheaper portfolio of subscriptions with a focus on data with the service Roam Away to data, SMS and voice in 36 countries. Continue reading

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Apple Working on Getting Apple Pay to Europe

Apple works feverishly to bring Apple Pay to Europe and Asia in its goal of covering all of the important countries with payment solution.

It is a year and a half, since Apple’s mobile payments solution for easy on-the-go, Apple Pay, was unveiled and launched in the United States. Slowly, but surely, the American technology company released Apple Pay in new countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and China.

However, there is not yet any information about whether iPhone owners in the rest of Europe and Denmark can look forward to Apple Pay-until now. Continue reading

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Now Rolls Android 6.0 Marshmallow out to OnePlus 2

After testing the Android 6.0 Marshmallow to OnePlus 2 in two months the latest Google software finally rolls out to all owners of the top model.

While most manufacturers have gradually gotten rolled the latest Android version, Marshmallow, in addition to all the latest top models, have the kineske manufacturer, OnePlus, taken the extremely good time for it.

Originally was promised the latest version 6.0 Marshmallow over 1. quarter of 2016. This goal, however, was not completely discharged OnePlus on quarter, as absolute last day only managed to release Android 6.0 Marshmallow together with Oxygen US port in version 3.0 in the form of a closed beta, which had to be installed manually. Continue reading

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New Drawing: iPhone 7 Will Be Thicker Than the iPhone 6s

Two new drawings show iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus forward with almost identical dimensions as on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but in the thickness happens changes.

The rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 will take no end, and it is often hard to be clever on the many different and often dubious images and information that allegedly shows Apple’s secrets.

Now two new schematic drawings over the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 been revealed by the website Letem světem Applem. The drawings should, according to the page come from an Apple supplier that has sent the drawings to a company that produces screen protectors. Continue reading

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First Look at the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge

The first detailed 3-d images of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note-that might get the name Note 7 edge instead of the Note 6-have sprung up.

The rumors swirling in the air about Samsung’s next top model, next-generation Note-phablet, which will compete with Apple’s iPhone-news this fall.

While there has been a lot of information and speculation about the specifications and the name on the phone, there has not yet been specific revelations of design-until now. Continue reading

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Rumor: Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Is Called Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will do away with confusing naming by skipping a generation and call the next phablet for Galaxy Note 7 instead of Galaxy Note 6.

Since Samsung last fall launched the two phones, the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 edge Note 5 +, it gave rise to some confusion. The two smartphones were virtually identical-except that the latter came with Samsung’s curved screen, but nevertheless they were launched with two different generation numbers.

Therefore, Samsung will now make it easier for customers to find head and tail in the different phones in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note-series in a few months when it’s time for the launch of the next Galaxy Note. Continue reading

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Huawei P9 Lite-Yet Another Price Strong Mobile [TEST]

Review of Huawei P9 Lite: Lillebroreren to Huawei P9 is so good that it beats last year’s P8-topmobil on most points.

Huaweis P-series has evolved greatly since the first model came to the country for P1-barely four years ago. And it has also-in the expensive price direction.

Where the original P1’er was located around the three thousand crowns, you should now drop between four and five thousand, depending on whether you select the General P9’er or the more ambitious P9 Plus. Continue reading

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Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola’s not lived up to expectations

Lenovo evaluates on the costly purchase of Motorola and are not pale to admit that the integration of the producer has not gone as expected.

It drew headlines when Lenovo in 2014 bought Motorola from Google as well as 2,000 related patents for 17 billion. Crowns. The goal was clear: to use Motorola’s well-known brand to increase market share in Europe and the United States with the hope of becoming the world’s third largest producer.

Integration of Motorola with Lenovo is not, however, gone as desired, according to the Chinese manufacturer now in its kvartalregnskab. “The integration effort did not live up to expectations”, says among other things. Continue reading

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Huawei Will Be the World’s Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Huawei has big plans for the next five years, where the Chinese producer aims to become the biggest producer in the world.

While the total number of smartphones sold will fall in these years, there is a big progress in Chinese Huawei, who experienced an increase in sales of 59% compared to the year before. It gets Huaweis Director, Richard Yu, to put forward a rather ambitious goal of for the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

“We will be the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It is a race that will be a long time coming, and we have patience, “ says the Director. Continue reading

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Google Wins the Important trial of Android Against Oracle

After 5 years of struggle between Google and software company Oracle, Google has now gotten the Court’s words that the use of Java in Android’s source code do not break the law.

Google has had a fight with the big u.s. software company Oracle since august 2010, which potentially could have had huge implications for Google and producers who have made use of the Android software.

Oracle, which is best known as the author of Java technology and developing the language, accused back in 2010 Google for having copied Java technology to the development of Android since Google back was busy developing the Android as a competing operating system to Apple’s iPhone.

Continue reading

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New prices: OnePlus 3 Will Be Still More Expensive Than 2′ Eren

The latest prices reveals that OnePlus 3 anyway will be more expensive than OnePlus 2, and that there will be four different variants instead of only two.

A month ago the rumors sounded something surprising, then, that the upcoming OnePlus 3 will be cheaper than the one-year-old OnePlus 2. Now, however, new information emerged as pointing in the opposite direction.

According to Chinese sources from the website Mobipicker b Liverpool OnePlus 3 still not cheaper than OnePlus 2, but a little bit expensive. So far, there has also been only two models on the game, but the new, rygtede prices apply to four different variants of OnePlus 3. Continue reading

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Video: iPhone 6s Gives Samsung Galaxy S7 Bank in the Drop Test

Is the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone S7 6s released best from being lost from 1 metre height? It has a YouTube user examined.

Samsung and Apple have two quite different approaches to the choice of materials on the top models Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s. While Samsung again this year using Gorilla Glass at the back of the phone, Apple is gone the opposite way and using reinforced aluminum compared to its predecessor.

It seems to have paid off for Apple, for in a new so-called drip test provides the latest iPhone 6s solid slaps to Samsung’s new Galaxy S7. It is the YouTube user Phone Buff, who has created a drop test-but not quite like the others. Continue reading

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New Fitness-Wearables from Samsung: Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX

Samsung launches two new fitness trackers: wristwatch Gear Fit 2 and the wireless headphone Gear IconX, which both provide accurate tracking throughout the day.

Get the most out of your exercise with Samsung’s two new fitness gadgets: the new Gear Fit 2-sports bracelet and the wireless headphone Gear IconX, which both act as fitnesstrackere.

Fitness is always a little more fun and motivating, if you can track your progress with various tracking devices, and it is something that Samsung’s two new wearables are really good at. It is for the whole focal point behind the two. Continue reading

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