The Galaxy A5 (2017) Still Haven’t Filed Yet, But Already You Can Download Their Firmware and Wallpapers

It is an open secret that in 2017 the Samsung Galaxy A line will receive their annual renewal for the second consecutive year. In fact, have already seen them filtered here and there so basically the only thing that we need is the official presentation of Samsung.

Thus, today the Galaxy A5 of the year coming officially does not exist, but already you can download their firmware from Sammobile. The model name is the foreseeable A520 and it is available in a multitude of variants for different markets. Continue reading

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Goodbye and Thank You, CyanogenMod: This Was The Most Popular Story of The ROM

CyanogenMod has its days numbered, specifically have left you until the 31st of December of life, time in which will have their eternal rest. Possibly the most used custom ROM of all time, and it will be difficult for any other, with current optimization of Android, to be capable of reaching their figures.

Probably many of the Veterans of here have great amount of memories of that nice blue and more slender doll that Andy, some you will be saved of a brick, mobile others there will be given the support that the manufacturer has not provided, and it will be given to others hours and hours of discovery and use. Continue reading

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Cyanogen Confirmed The Closure of Its Services to 31 December

What Cyanogen was not at its best moment It wasn’t any secret. The business of the ROMs is not all the profitable you need the company and a few months ago were forced to make layoffs to continue with your activity.

However, the abandonment of brands such as OnePlus or ZUK hasn’t done them any favors and finally confirmed that is was rumored long ago. In a terse announcement on its official website, Cyanogen confirmed the closure of its services for December 31. Continue reading

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LineageOS Will Collect Witness from CyanogenMod

Yesterday we discussed the decommissioning of CyanogenMod from December 31. The own press release, the company invited developer community to continue forward with the project because the source code will be available for all. And now, with the latest version of the famous released ROM, we have name of the possible successor of CyanogenMod: LineageOS.

This project, which would have the internal name of LAOS (Lineage Android Operating System) and other possible derived names as LineageOS o LAD (Lineage Android Distribution) already has its official repository on Github, so it seems that all the work that CyanogenMod has been doing in the past eight years will be further developed under another name. Continue reading

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7.1 Nougat Comes to The Nexus 4 Thanks to CyanogenMod 14.1

According to the latest data from Google, only 0.3% of the active devices in the last month with the latest version of the operating system, Android Nougat, but if you have an old out there Nexus 4, you could move to be part of this elite Android.

No, it is not an official image of factory or a developer preview which includes 4 Nexus, now, but the version 14.1 cyanogenmod, based on Android Nougat 7.1 and you can already download for Nexus 4. Continue reading

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Meizu Renews Its Visual Layer with Flyme 6 OS, These Are Smartphones to The That Will Come

The Chinese manufacturer Meizu has announced the Meizu Pro 6 Plus, the renewal of its range to stop it comes to be placed on the top of your catalog with features like the chip of the Galaxy S7 (Exynos 8890), QHD 5.7 pulgadase OLED panel, metallic design or its 12 megapixel camera with ring flash.

But hardware is not the only thing that opens this Meizu Pro 6 Plus, the new flagship of the brand also comes with a new version of Flyme, the visual layer that Meizu equipment installed. Flyme OS reaches version 6, we tell you which are the most outstanding novelties and computers that will be updated soon. Continue reading

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The Nightlies of CyanogenMod 14.1 Become More Devices: Nexus 7, OnePlus One, Xperia T…

A few weeks ago CyanogenMod announced the first ‘nightlies’ of CyanogenMod 14.1, the version of the operating system Android Nougat 7.1-based. It is a first version with much to Polish and Add (does not have engine issues, for example), but necessary and available to anyone who wants to help in your testing.

The list of devices supported initially included a bit of each House, but only nine models. Since then have joined other very required by the community. The new features are 6 nexus, Nexus 7, OnePlus One, 2 OnePlus, Xperia V, T Xperia, Xperia TX, Xperia SP and bike 2015 G. Continue reading

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The Pixel and Pixel XL System Images Are Filtered: Already Have New APK Pixel Launcher

The known LlabTooFeR, behind some of the juiciest HTC leaks has surprised us with his latest revelation: a complete filtration of the system images both Google Pixel Google Pixel XL.

As user these images do not serve you basically for nothing since them you can not Flash on other devices, but open the door so that all kinds of developers begin to rummage in your content and extract the useful that it can be extended to other devices. Let us remember that there are several “exclusive” functions for the Google Pixel that they would not receive even the Nexus, and now is when first-hand will see how exclusive is, for example, the Pixel Launcher. Continue reading

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7.1 Android Nougat Arrives at The Galaxy Nexus of Unofficially

Android 7.1 Nougat now available in Developer Preview format for some Nexus devices, specifically the Nexus 6 p, Nexus 5 X and also Tablet Pixel C. At the moment, the rest of compatible terminals will have to wait to be able to take the glove to this installment, but the list of terminals compatible with Android 7.1 has just expanded, and it has done so with a smartphone that we can consider more than veteran because it was launched five years ago.

The lucky has been the Galaxy Nexus, a terminal that came in the hand of Google and Samsung 2011 and that now can be upgraded to Android 7.1 Nougat, something unthinkable through official channels and that once again It is possible thanks to the developer community. Continue reading

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How to Upgrade The Firmware of Samsung with ODIN

Wait to make your device with the latest version of Android – with a few exceptions – can be desperate. First you must cross your fingers that manufacturer decides to update it, then expect to have list update and, finally, to extend to your region and operator.

If you know that your device has a new version but you are tired of giving to check for updates and to tell you that you have the most recent version of the system, there is still something you can do: update the firmware on your own. This is clear, whenever your phone is Free. Continue reading

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Cyanogen Inc. Could Fail to Support The Development of 14 CyanogenMod

Cyanogen Inc. is not at its best, and that is something that, from the abandonment of the first two manufacturers of your operating system (CyanogenOS) is quite clear, without having that support this operating system is not exactly you have with your ROM, CyanogenMod.

Already a couple of months ago Cyanogen Inc. fired 20% of its workforce, to speculate by many means that the company would focus on applications. Shortly after Steve Kondik, one of the co-founders of CyanogenMod, said that that was false, Cyanogen Inc. would continue funding the development of the ROM and taking an active role, but in a thread for CyanogenMod forum gives to understand otherwise. Continue reading

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HTC HD2 Gets Android 7.0 at Age 7 by a Developer

Something happens with the HTC HD2 making that you refuses in resounding to stay with older versions of Android, so much so that in the XDA-Developers Community puts this device nicknames that have to do with immortality. We have to remember that this creature was born with Windows Mobile 6.5 in its bowels.

HTC not imagined that manufactured this device, were forging one of the terminals more difficult to “kill” the history of Android, and even There are still people with one of these terminals. The key was to get to run Android, and for some reason developers are encariñaron with this terminal. Continue reading

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14 CyanogenMod and Its Importance for Smartphones That Will Not Receive Nougat

Android updates they are a theme that brings the head to many, not just by the fact of being the last, but because the user expects that the manufacturer pay attention to your terminal during a certain time. This high-end can be said that are more or less satisfied, but the rest of ranges is much harder to be a decent support.

In many cases, this means that those with experience or courage recourse to the development community, so they give you, for free, the support that the manufacturer has not given Despite having paid for your terminal. The arrival of Nougat, which has certain special characteristics that excludes the majority of terminals, is no exception to this. Continue reading

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CyanogenMod Launches a New Stable Version of CM13 with Several New Features

Lives not only of ‘nightlies’ CyanogenMod, which tend to be quite useful for day to day, but it also, time, it releases a stable versions for those users who do not want to move from beta to beta (which, basically, is what are the ‘nightlies’). Today this known ROM developers have released the latest stable version.

The most recent version corresponds to Android 6.0.1 r61 and the build number is ZNH5Y. This new stable version of CM13 there is a fairly generous amount of changes, some of which is, as it can not be otherwise, the arrival of the August security fix. Continue reading

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Samsung Good Lock with Floating Windows from Notifications, More Rapid Adjustments and More

We have already spoken before Samsung Good lock, the experiment of interface of Samsung seeking to innovate beyond Touchwiz. Good Lock change several basic interface sections such as the notifications, the lock screen and the recent applications.

Good Lock is available only to high-end Samsung (Galaxy S7, S6 and Note 5), and although it is not a product finished but evolving, you are receiving a good reception by the early adopters. However, its most notable feature is that it is updated every two weeks applying the suggestions of the community. Continue reading

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The Decline of The ROMs: It Can Keep Alive a Mobile with Them?

Be always cooked ROMs developer has been very difficult, It requires work to hard one, could do at least if we are talking about ROMs that are not the typical based on the stock of the manufacturer. For ambitious style of CyanogenMod ROM, an entire team need.

There was a time in which cooked ROMs, you could say, were in vogue, the forums were full of people who rooteaban their smartphones and became addicted to the flashes, not staying more than one week with the same. They were a time of restlessness, of glory “cooks”, satisfied to have a legion of people willing to test your ROM. Continue reading

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